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A generic instrument measuring patient benefits

of medical devices

MedTech20© instrument

The MedTech20© instrument consists of 1) the MedTech20© Questionnaire - a patient-reported survey form designed for use in the evaluation of medical devices, and 2) the MedTech20© Index - a new unit of measurement of patient benefits of medical devices that can be applied in health economic assessments, e.g. cost per patient benefits calculations, similar to the cost per QALY (quality-adjusted life year) calculation commonly applied in health economic analyses based on clinical outcomes.

MedTech20© Questionnaire

The MedTech20© Questionnaire is a survey that captures patient benefits of medtech products. The questionnaire evaluates 20 properties reflecting quality of life (QoL). It is patient reported and provides information property by property.

The properties are allocated into the following areas: sense of security, social participation, integrity, and convenience; each area including five attributes.

The questionnaire's design:

How well does the product match each of the 20 properties?

7-graded scale from "not at all" to "completely".

There are three different variants of the MedTech20© Questionnaire available:

  • Questionnaire A: Patients with experience of the product
  • Questionnaire B: Evaluation based on a product description
  • Questionnaire C: Combination – patients with experience of using one product evaluates a described similar product

Language versions/ Translations

The questionnaire is presently available in a Swedish, a Norwegian and an English language version.

MedTech20© Index


MedTech20© Index - the benefits measured with MedTech20© Questionnaire can be weighted into the MedTech20© Index, a quantitative measure of patient benefits. MedTech20© Index is a method to calculate a summary score (index) of the patient benefits associated with the medical device, weighted with the preferences of the general population. The index ranges from 0.000 to 1.000, with higher index scores representing larger patient benefits.

Intellectual property: The MedTech20© including but not limited to all and any translations and other derivatives (e.g. electronic versions) is protected by international copyright with all rights reserved to NHE Licence AB [US Copyright Office. Registration Number: TX 8-530-865].

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