A generic instrument measuring patient benefits

of medical devices

Development and psychometric validation of MedTech20©

Lesén E, Björholt I, Ingelgård A, Olson F. Exploration and preferential ranking of patients benefits of medical devices: A new and generic instrument for health economic assessments. Int J Technol Assessment in Health Care, 2017;33(4):463-71

Examples of applied studies

Hagberg K. Measuring General Benefits of Medical Technology Products Exemplified by users of Bone-Anchored Transfemoral Prothesis. Abstract No 4.3.6.a; page 422

Sebastian Möller, Bodil Ivarsson, Lars-Åke Nordström, Anders Johansson.

Patienters livskvalitet och upplevelse av användningen av portabla
syrgaskoncentratorer. Abstract Medicinteknikdagarna, Linköping, 2-3 Okt, 2019

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